Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Former Amway Kingpins Accuse Amway of Pyramid Scheme Allegations And Force Amway To Settle Out of Court For 100 Million Dollars

Let me be blunt here. The top former distributors (Amway whistle-blowers) said was operating a pyramid scheme in a lawsuit they brought against Amway. (Aren't these former top distributors in a position to know?) The former Quixtar kingpins, to include Orrin Woodward, managed to spring a legalistic trap on the Devos/Van Andel empire (I should I say pyramid). In the process they confirmed what Amway critics have long known about Amway: that they operates a product based pyramid scheme by offering products intentionally priced not to sell outside of the distribution network.

These former 'kingpins' in their briefs have described how the esoteric structure of Amway operates, and described  in brutal detail how Amway sheep are fleeced. Truth, this time, came from the proverbial horse's mouth! The allegations made are really nothing new to Amway critics as Amway does not have a stellar reputation.

In this stare down with the IBO Rebellion, Amway blinked and will have to pay off the whistle blowing traitors and other aggrieved non rebellious distributors. Amway followed the 'out of court' strategy (again) to settle the suit. Amway gets to maintain they are not a pyramid scheme instead of taking the risk that a jury might decide otherwise.  Amway will pay out one hundred million (with another part to be returned in Amway products, an assortment of vitamins, cosmetics and energy drinks).

The IBO Rebellion-- 'traitors' of their former Amway cult--get to take the money and run.


Anonymous said...

I heard Amway a scam, did not believe tried myself for more than a year, lost a bit of money but more importantly lost my mind. Before it could really hurt my life, I went my best adviser up-line and gave all the garbage - CDs and Books - said good bye! If you do not believe it as a scam, check my blog

quixtarisacult said...

Thank you for your comment. So glad that you quickly discovered the sordid truths behind this most prolific of world cults, one that so craftily extracts the worldly goods of its own cult adherents. A cult that has been correctly described as being organized along the same structure as the costa nostra, the mafia.