Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Do I Have Against Amway? Reader Wants Top 5 Reasons

Recently a reader left a comment under my Perfect Water Blog post on Amway Soap Box that I want to share with  readers of this blog. JFI wrote:
What exactly do you have against Amway? Give me your top 5 reasons, one of which can't start with "well my friend...".
Here is the comment answer that I gave:
Thanks for visiting. You ask for five things. Hmmm?

1. Amway Operates a 'closed market' swindle that preys on their very own. (Can you say "pernicious cult?")

2. Tool Scam. Yes, the secondary pyramid scheme, where all adherents to the cult buy a plethora of incredibly stupid 'how to screw your family, friends and co-workers' all while they are fleeced by both the tool kingpins and ol' Rich DeVos and his Ada Michigan Crime Family.

3. Nutrilite. The original pyramid scam that DeVos and Van Andel acquired when the Federal authorities effectively shut down Mytinger and Casselberry for of all things: Running a Pyramid Scheme! The vitamins, nothing more than 'soups' compressed into capsules and priced as to be extortionate are pushed--not so much on potential retail customers--but onto the IBO cult adherents.

4. Kingpins. Amway is organized and operated exactly like the mafia. These Kingpins head up a downline gang which control a secondary closed market swindle, the tool scam, basically fleecing the flock of recruits, who instead of prospering in the Amway business, lose all their investments of time and money.

5. Amway apologists. Generally, these erstwhile people, promote Amway as an incredible business opportunity, although the actual history tells a horror story--a financial holocaust--for the people foolish enough to believe all the Amway lies. Knowing the truth and promoting the scheme/scam makes these people guilty of intent to defraud others.
Another reader, Katie W, left a comment following mine that describes what generally happens to Ambots, those joining the Amway Cult:
Everything the above poster said is TRUE! When I met my fiance, he was an Amway "cult" follower. Was completely hypnotized. Had been doing it for three years. I had to seriously sit down with him (after traveling to a few open meetings and a conference with him) and have a talk. He was $3000 in credit card debt with no savings. Why? The "tools" (books, cds, etc.), the pricey conferences, hotels, gas to get there, open meeting costs, PLUS buying MORE product than what he needed so his uplines could achieve certain thresholds! They convinced him to do it for the "good of the team". Not to mention, Amway products ARE MORE EXPENSIVE than comparable products. I am a financial analyst, I'm not an idiot. And I know this is a stupid investment. After my fiance got away, at least once a week he wonders how he would've been so stupid and gullible to fall for it. He kicks himself everyday for getting into so much debt because of Amway.
If you arrived at this blog post because you have been asked to join the a MLM business opportunity and you are doing some research into the supposed 'Opportunity' you can save yourself all the time, money, and social stigma that these business cults desire to take from you simply by declining their offer. 


Anonymous said...

All that you share on the internet itself can help many people not to become cults. Save from cults -

Anonymous said...

I have tried a multitude of MLMs. Amway" has the best
Package offered and you do not have to buy anything if you work hard and build correctly. I did not go broke and made my money back from the starter kit in the 1st 2 weeks. I've only been in the business 11 months and I love the integrity of the company And what it has done for my life and my families life. It is not for everyone and you will not get rich over night. 90% of big business has a "pyramid like" structure.. Someone at the top and someone inbetween and on the bottom... If you knew everything About the company you would "get it" senscing the anger and hostility from your words I'm guessing that research done was one sided. No1 can be successful with anything without the rite system and rite team in place.
Also since it seems pretty one sided I'm sure any type of opposition won't be posted.

quixtarisacult said...

No, but of course you are indeed one of the cult adherent Amway apologists. Just like the King Longshanks long ago observed about the Scottish people, he concluded that there were "just too many Scotts!"

Would it be a cult without its adherents?

Just wondering?

(I am considering the introduction of open forum style commenting, pro and con: Amway Soap Box. Wouldn't that be grand? (Only spam will be deleted)

Anonymous commentator, please post a copy of your income tax statement to me

Observation, hmmm?.fail.

Alyse said...

Katie W,

My boyfriend has recently started an Amway business and has 5 people "under" him.

I cannot deal with it for much longer, however, the more I try to deter him from being involved with Amway, the more he becomes determined to make it successful. He's bought heaps of "motivational" cds, buys bulk products and attends regular Network 21 gatherings and meetings with his upline.

Please PLEASE can you email me some stats that you put to your fiance so that I can sit down my man for a hard talking to???



quixtarisacult said...

Katie, I am sorry to say that your boyfriend is exhibiting what might be termed narcissistic delusions. Actually it would be potentially far better to proceed towards professional help. In the end it very well may serve to preserve what will continue to be mounting losses; feelings of sacrifice as in 'taking it for the team' are cult driven devotion which in the end fleeces those whom worship at he feet of this macabre system.

Anonymous said...

Hi David

You espouse your distinctly warped perspective as "fact".

Spinning B-Grade press reports to support your bitter opinions clearly demonstrates that you should seek assistance from a mental health professional.

Stop wasting space with your waffle.

Sean White.

quixtarisacult said...

Hmmmm? B Grade Press? Have you not noticed that this is a blog? How's your Amway dream coming then?

Anonymous said...

My hair stylist try to get me to join. I met her "business partner" at panera bread who introduced me by having me watch a CD...the CD sounded inttuiging and convincing but I wanted to take the information, figure it out and write dome questions down. I also wanted to get my husbands opinion. So, I was invited to a meeting that they have every Tuesday in woodbrodge, NJ where I was told some of the questions may be answered. They were very charismatic and the person who got up and spoke (they called him the diamond and treated him like he was a God) told his story about how him and his wife eventually left their jobs because they had been so successful at this business. They show you a film and they don't tell you its Amway until the very end of the film. They also tell you not to listen to what your friends and family have to say (ciltism at its best) about this great business because after all...they did 11.8 billion in sales. They keep reiterating this sales figure throughout the entire meeting...if your looking to invest in becoming an would be more concerned with the income/commissions paid out to the IBO not the sales. So...this question was not answered in the meeting in fact they just kept saying that the business was simple...all you have to do is meet the 150 PV and bring six friends in. The cost to join is have to spend 300 a month to meet the 100 do the math...if you don't bring anybody in...all your doing is spending money on product that you will not even consume in a months time. Now the crazy thing is I still...went to another meeting at somebody's house (because none of my questions were answered at that second meeting. I am a numbers person). This meeting was similar to that of a cult. Super charismatic, very secretive if you ask questions, and if you asked the wrong questions, they will attempt to intimidate you. I caught one person in a lie. This person gave a review of a product (face cream that costs $250). At the end of her presentation I asked her of she sells that...I was immediately cut off by the top person in charge. She said that she went to a salon and sold it. So I went up to her when the meeting was over, and asked her, what she did to sell the face cream to the salon... (I wanted to know what fool in their right mind was gonna sell that crap) long story short...she didn't sell ANYTHING to any hair salon!!! They practically exagerste on how good these products are. And then the diamond shows up again with his wife. Somebody got up and introduced him this way, "and now stay to your feet for the most important person in the room...etc..." (Again cultism at its best). They exalted him so high it was scary. His main speech was about recruiting other people, belittling people who are already on the team and taIking about his greatness snd hoe others need "six legs" to operatenever joined because by that point I had gathered all of the evidence nice and reasons why I Shouldn't join...scam/cultism/ one ever told me how you actually make money and it was very clear to me that I would be losing more than what would be coming in. If someone tells you that you can have your own business and the start up cost is low...think twice. If the business is predicated heavily on you recruiting people for it than anything else...think twice. Thank God I have my BS in accounting. Just like one other poster...I am a former financial analyst of 15 years and the numbers just did not add up!

Anonymous said...

I have a family member trying to recruit me and I too found it funny that she hasn't actually told me the name of this amazing company that will allow me to earn 6 figures a year.. I know right away what "company" she was referring to.

quixtarisacult said...

To the last commenter:

The Amway IBO's all seem to follow the same script. They call themselves 'independents' but they operate like 'drones' towing the upline's bullshit. All the insane tools promote the supposedly 'tried and true method' to financial freedom. Hmmm? The selling of these 'sucker baits' indeed makes the few 'kingpins' money. Financial freedom might be achieved by being a member of the mafia as well. Believe me, there are a lot of people who might serve a criminogenic entity like the mob or Amway that are used, abused, and fleeced in the end. Don't forget that when failure befalls the drones, they are taught that their failure is their own fault. Failure is designed into the Amway playbook for fleecing as many suckers as can be recruited. Word Up!

Anonymous said...

Amway leaders are making a good chunk of their income from the Britt World Wide BWW scam which include books, CDs, meetings, seminars and conferences. The only thing they care about is to make money from you by lies, deception and brain washing tactics.

Anonymous said...

Great site!

quixtarisacult said...

Thank you.