Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Amway Went Wrong Way: the Quixtar Blunder

Amway went the wrong-way by renaming themselves Quixtar (dropping the Amway name) and heralded a 'Quixtar Revolution.' Distributors felt that the new changes would bring the Amway business fully into the computer age. They disregarded the fact that Amway has always been, and still remains, a face to face, invite the victim, and show the plan recruitment scam that is pushed on naive prospects.  Recruits would  fall for the promises of huge incomes and then be willing to 'pay to play' in the supposedly tried and true (yet new) Quixtar system.

All distributors were encouraged to switch their 'businesses and become a Quixtar "Independent Business Owners." The old Amway ordering and delivery system was scrubbed. Distributors were forbidden to advertise on the web and were instead told that all orders would be processed through the Amway portal, that they would have to pay for the privilege of 'owning' a Quixtar page page on the Amway servers that could only be accessed via password.  These web pages would be hidden from prospective customers. It just wouldn't be right to have thousands upon thousands of pages touting the Amway opportunity and the pricey products.

The new 'Quixtar Powered Business'  was to remain the same old Amway a recruitment scheme that depended on the never ending recruitment of new distributors who buy all the bullshit.  Amway continued 'fixing' the product prices. 'Quix-bots' were to buy from themselves and dream of promised wealth. They were to become slaves to their Quixtar 'totalitarian' masters.
Devos and Van Andel, the Amway founders, had long since, grew wealthy by operating a  'dissimulated closed market ' scheme carefully crafted to extract considerable treasure from the cult-like, dream believing drones gullible enough to believe the myths.

In the end, after failure to ever make it big in Amway, and then in Quixtar, many would quit.  The drones had been 'conditioned' to believe that failure resulted from not following the system and/or failure to work hard enough in 'their' business. Most would awaken, from the dream, return to reality, and realize that the system was designed to fail them.   Amway and the kingpin distributors would count their money, enjoy the lifestyle of flaunted wealth and remain the 'cheese' in the Quixtar rat trap.

After Dateline exposed Quixtar distributors making exorbitant income claims was aired by NBC, and the bad press resulting from a IBO Rebellion, along with the defection of whistle-blower Eric Scheibler, the Quixtar parent company--Alticor)--had had enought and pulled the plug, dumped the Quixtar name and renamed their totalitarian sate "Amway Global".

The Quixtar revolution was over. Amway had gone the wrong way--the Quixtar blunder. The Quixtar Fragments of the failed revolution can be seen all over the web.  The 'revolution' couldn't outrun the bad smell of Amway.



Joecool said...

The more telling number is less than 4% of Amway products are sold to non IBOs.

Where would that #1 sales ranking be with the sales reps buying all the goods?

quixtarisacult said...

The products are priced to be unsellable on a free and open market. They require a monopoly, or closed market, to sell. They need the 'pro-sumer' folk who stupidly rationalize the extortionary cost as the price to be paid to live the Amway dream, which in the end may be more difficult to achieve than the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

quixtarisacult said...

(...The following comment is from the guide to the Amway Labyrinth, David Brear. qiac...)

Although 'Amway' apologists steadfastly deny reality, time and again I've encountered destitute former 'MLM Distributors.' The one thing that they are all witnesses to, is the fact that they were taught to forget about retailing. They were continually told that the only pathway to 'Total Financial Freedom' was contained in a 'Proven Plan of Duplication' - purchase a fixed amount of products each month and recruit your friends and relations to do the same.

Anyone refusing to follow this closed-logic , closed-market program was deemed to be a dangerous negative - a loser who should be avoided and shunned.

However, all witnesses confess that in 'Amway' the organization's own products are deemed to be 'positive' and all other products 'negative' . This sounds quite harmless, until you realize that this classic form of Neuro Linguistic Programming is designed to dissociate individuals from external reality; it is also the basis of aversion therapy. In simple term, 'Amway' adherents are taught systematically to hate and fear everything and everyone that does not comply with their group's 'negative / positive' model of reality. This(essentially) is the same totalistic thought-reform program used in all cultic groups including 'Scientology' .

I have even interviewed former 'Amway' adherents who became so deluded, that they willingly allowed their so-called 'Upline Leaders' to conduct on-the-spot-searches of their homes, and that if any so-called 'negative products' were discovered, they had to be thrown in the trash. The feelings described by these witnesses on such occasions were of overwhelming guilt and shame. One woman told me that it was like having your parents search your bedroom for drugs.

David Brear

quixtarisacult said...
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