Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who Really Needed an Exorcist--Amway or Proctor & Gamble?

I suppose the 1970's horror classic, The Exorcist, seems rather 'old school' today, but it was a disturbing story about a young girl who was possessed by Satan, or one of his direct 'downline' minions in his own pyramid scheme where the devil reigns as tyrant-in-chief over his own totalitarian state. How fitting then, that I must bring to readers attention to the Amway and Proctor and Gamble scandal, where P&;G accused Amway Kingpins of intentionally spreading the rumor that Proctor and Gamble was satanic.  As proof, the rumor mongers pointed to a trade symbol that appeared on P & G's packaging. The spreading of these slanders would counter the argument that P & G's product line was superior to Amway.

Distributors in Amway are taught by their  'upline' to be 'core'--100% product loyal to Amway products and to never buy any competitor's 'negative' products. (Proof by the way that Amway operates a 'closed market' swindle primarily focused at its own distributors.)

It should be pointed out that Amway's market share is miniscule compared to marketing giant Proctor and Gamble. Amway, irregardless of truth, claims to be the #1 online health and beauty retailer--a claim that is patently false. Even restricted to  MLM competition,  Mary Kay and Avon most likely move more cosmetics. 

The devil is in the details; Satan's minions had entered into the Amway Kingpins.

Amway is the author of  the great reality inverting myth:  Amway is a great business opportunity.  This is truly the biggest myth which the Amway kingpins tell.

When Amway kingpin, Randy Haugen, was named in Proctor and Gamble's defamation suit,  Amway attempted to distance themselves from the allegations by hiding behind a labyrinth of  'corporate entities.'  Amway motivational organizations foster the lies that keep the pyramid churning forward.  Recruitment of new victims must eclipse the number of victims which leave.   

Below is the trade symbol which Amway Kingpins linked Proctor and Gamble to Satan:

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