Monday, December 22, 2014

Amway Global Scam

Actually, Amway is like 'Doublemint' chewing gum.  Amway is two scams in one.  First is the product based pyramid scheme, where Amway cult initiates basically are their own best customers, buying their own products in a self consumption relationship to the Ada, Michigan mother-ship.  Secondly, there is the tool scam where all the Amway self-consumers are urged to purchase all the mundane training materials to include seminar and rally tickets.  These purchases make a very, very small group of top of the pyramid distributors very wealthy.  These folks are commonly referred to in court documents as 'kingpins'.  Both Amway and the tool kingpins operate a money extracting scheme.  Both hold a monopoly over the dream inspired believers which buy everything and sell very little.

I realized that this is a simplified version of what the Amway Global Scam is all about.  Suffice it to say that any type of pyramid scam is bad news for those participating in it.  Generally they are the bamboozled believers in the scam who are expected to buy all the badly overpriced products and the endless chain of propaganda which masquerades as training materials.  The Amway sellers of products and the kingpin sellers of tools operate their scam in an unholy alliance which basically feeds upon their own children. 

The nearly fifty year history of Amway can be described as the 'financial holocaust' because believers in the scam have a near 100% rolling failure rate.  Those hoping to make money, end up generally losing theirs.  Expenditures to sell the scam on others as well as buying the monthly quota of products in a the tool scammer's 'pay to play' game of deceit, generally make profit objectives merely a pipe dream.  Folks believing in the Amway dream might as well try to chase down the Leprechaun at the end of a rainbow or waste their time and money buying Power Ball tickets.  Most people strive senselessly in the scheme until they eventually re-enter reality, realize that success in the scam will always be just beyond their reach and quit.  Oddly enough, many of those who quit seem to blame themselves for not working hard enough in the scheme which they were badly oversold on. 

If you have found this blog while researching the Amway Global 'opportunity', you have come to the right place to find out what Amway Global really is; and, if you are wise, save your time and money from being extracted by this cult business which is designed from the top down to make you the loser in their plan. I recommend that you read Quixtar Cult Intervention and Amway Global Cult Intervention.  There are countless articles of interest there which can help guide you through the treacherous Amway Global waters of deceit.

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